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Zionist Jews look out for their own interests and will trash America when it comes to their own ’survival.’ and former Yeshiva University Professor.

Zakheim served as Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller of the Pentagon from 2001-2005 at the height of the Jewish-neocons’ political influence.

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Feith was also employed as Special Counsel to Assistant Secretary of Defense, Robert Sims.Prior to his Pentagon position, Zakheim was CEO of Systems Planning Corporation (SPC) from 1987-2001.During Zakheim’s tenure with SPC, he helped to market SPC’s Flight Termination System, a technology that takes over the controls of an airborne vehicle in flight.For they had “their man” — Zionist Jew Dov Zakheim — in the Pentagon.observes James Bamford in his recent October 2008 book, The Shadow Factory - The Eavesdropping On America.

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A study by the Defense Department’s Inspector General discovered that not only could the Pentagon Here.

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