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(The Preacher's Outline & Sermon Bible – Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum) Duane Garrett favors Joel 2 describing a human invasion but links it in with a locust plague description writing that Joel 1 consistently looks to the recent past, but 2:1–11 consistently looks to the future (Many scholars have pointed out the preponderance of perfect forms in chap. It is scarcely reasonable, however, to imagine that Israel had in its liturgical arsenal some kind of “lamentation for future locust plagues.” Both grammar and content demand that a significant shift has taken place: the prophet is looking ahead now, and he sees a human army on the horizon. When he goeth forth to war, famine ravages the land, pestilence smites the nations, hurricane sweeps the sea, tornado shakes the mountains, and earthquake makes the solid world to tremble.

(The Minor Prophets) (1) Some commentators understand this section to be describing a human invasion of Judah on the part of an ancient army. "Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly," pleaded the prophet ().(Net Notes Joel 2) POSB comments that "Studying this passage, the reader should keep the following fact in mind: the locust invasion of Judah was only a foreshadowing of God’s terrible judgment against sin that would come through various armies down through the ages: the Assyrian army, the Babylonian army, the Roman army, the Armageddon army—the nations in the end times who will oppose the Lord and His people. The bands of Orion he looseth, and bindeth the sweet influences of the Pleiades.The subject of the present Scripture is, The Coming Day of the Lord: A Warning to Escape the Coming Judgment, Joel 2:1-27. 1 describes a recent locust attack but that Joel 2:1–11 is a liturgical lament for such disasters in the future (Crenshaw correctly asserts: “”). Earth, sea, and air, and the places under the earth, are the barracks for Jehovah’s great armies; space is his camping ground, light is his banner, and flame is his sword.The Lord then gives 3 promises to assure the penitents of His presence: material restoration through the divine healing of their land (Joel –27), spiritual restoration through the divine outpouring of His Spirit (Joel –32), and national restoration through the divine judgment on the unrighteous (Joel 3:1–21). " We know from the Apocalypse that the One who will execute the divine decree is the Lord Jesus.(Introduction to Book of Joel) (Bolding added) Just as the prophet Joel in the first chapter of the prophecy turned the minds of his contemporaries, who were filled with the sense of calamity because of the ruin wrought by the locust plague, from the visitation of the moment to a far worse judgment from the Lord, so he does throughout the second chapter of the book. Followed by the armies of Heaven, He will descend from the sky arrayed in great glory.

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