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While she was growing up, there were very few female role models.But she has seen the impact of bringing women together to play through her collective, with many of her team being recruited and mentored after being inspired by seeing other women behind the decks, and now they are able to “smash it at any venue”.

Rawson considers this a great time for women in DJing.

But with hip-hop and R’n’B it’s so diverse – if you can play hip-hop and R’n’B, well, you can play any of kind of music because it’s the most complex.” Also playing Skate Lates this winter was Australian Teneil Throssell, who goes by the name HAAi as a homage to a song she loved from the band Panbers on a 70s Indonesian psychedelic compilation.

Aside from her stage name, her music strays from mainstream, with her night at Somerset House bringing her African-inspired sounds she describes as “very psychedelic, frequency-wise quite trippy, really percussive and world-influenced – with dustings of techno”, alongside the edgy exhibition of Hassan Hajjaj that combines Moroccan tradition and street culture.

I spoke to some emerging and established female DJs to discover how they carved out their careers and how they see the industry today.

A woman at the top of her game is the inimitable Helena Hauff, a German DJ and producer from Hamburg known for electro, acid techno and a lot of stuff in between.

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