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Tiny house owners are rugged individualists but until there is a larger movement of people working together to solve these problems, tiny houses are going to be a tiny niche.

The fact is, back yards do not have plumbing and the cost of installing it is prohibitive.While researching the tiny house movement, I noticed several themes.One of them was that “other people” just don’t understand our values.I felt like people judged me the second I said I was a journalist as well and I had to stress that, actually it was a permanent contract and I did have regular normal hours, and actually I mostly just spend my days searching for stock images of babies instead of infiltrating crime rings. When I hadn’t heard back from a viewing for a few days, I began to worry in the same way I do if I didn’t get a text back from someone I really liked after a date.‘It went so well’ I’d tell my friends the next day but as the hours ticked by I’d lose hope.

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No doubt in comments people will suggest quite a few reasons why, like who in their right mind would want to share 200 square feet in the middle of nowhere.

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