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While it can be annoying to see your teen acting as though you have no right to date, try to remember that this is just their way of holding out hope for reconciliation.Give them time and they will eventually move past it.For newly divorced parents, she has two golden rules when it comes to dating.One: Don’t date until a year after the divorce is final. “Kids should not have to deal with their parent’s sexuality at the same time that they are going through adolescence and dealing with their own,” she says.Tip #3 – Only Introduce Your Teen When There is Long-Term Potential As described above, your teen is likely to dislike the idea of a new person in your life for a couple of reasons.First, it is simply awkward for them and they would rather not have to deal with it.

“I can proudly say that in my nine years of post-divorce single life, I only introduce my kids to one guy, and he is now my husband,” she shares.

As a teenager your child is not yet an adult but is mature enough to understand the significance of divorce and have opinions about your divorce.

As a divorce attorney with the Morgan Law Firm for nearly two decades I have seen a lot of clients grapple with this issue.

I am the mother of a teenager but, I am embarrassed to admit, I myself am acting like a 17-year-old again! I am newly divorced and 47 years old, and while I did hope, even as a single-parent, that someday I would try to find love after divorce, my hoping was theoretical.

I haven’t been on a date in over twenty years, and this is all new territory for me. Just like my teenage daughter and her friends, I now check my texts and Facebook several times a day to see if I have any messages. My kids (I also have a fifteen-year-old son) seem okay when we joke around about me dating, but when it actually happens, I’m not so sure how they will feel about me finding love after divorce.

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