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When you want to go to Jamaica for the summer but are too lazy to go... After all, men are the ones that have to pursue the women. I believe it goes more like this: "when you're Not looking for someone, that is when you will meet someone"With that said, it does not necessarily mean if you meet someone unexpected it will turn into a long-tern relationship!

On a personal note, I have met women from time to time when I wasn't trying, however, I had no interest in most of those women.

When you think about it if you are a social being and strive to be around people all the time then friendships and connections happen naturally - that's the best way.

There's a big difference between being open to dating and searching for a date. Years ago I read something that has stuck with me, and it went something like this: We captain our own little boats, and we can choose to sail them to and in happy (for us) waters, where we will encounter other little boats captained by like minds.

Are emails and efforts to meet someone wasted energy? It's not so much letting things happen by accident as much as learning or being the best you that you can be.

If you use it as a game plan to find a relationship, well then, you are still looking.

If you are not looking then how exactly do you expect someone to find you?

It's also easy to miss what you're looking for because it's not directly in front of you when you narrow your focus too much.

I guess my opinion would be that it's more than possible to meet someone by chance/fate/accident, but what comes post-meeting? in other words, you can be busily engrossed in the forums and well past the stage of actively pursuing or even expecting to (or caring about) ever meeting anyone, and all of a sudden *BOOM* there they are.haha, it happened to me. And when you don't persue your dreams .just happen. Trust you instints & not you ego,heart or the way of the world.

When you don't put an effort into looking for a job, the job comes to you. It's when you're Not looking is when relationships happen That really applies to women.

If you want relationship you have to be in a looking mode. lol Nice analogy but if you can care& love or have a possible mate on the horizon,imo hopefully "still waters run deep"op, you make a good point as like myself when I was a newbie here i felt the same way but it is not that easy or practical,and once i learned the ways of the virtual world[internet] in who is living in the present& who is living in lala land then it makes for a whole new can of worms which I don't need !

This way you will get out of the house more and increase chances of meeting people. If you look you may start talking with some guy in a public place whom you like. I think people who are NOT looking have the advantage in that they're -NOT:1...nervous2...desperate3...acting like an idiot to show off...4...showing off...5...getting drunk because of all of the above...6..pretentious....7...trying too hard8...being themselves But THEY ARE:1... lolimo similar beliefs,character,hopes,exparations,solid foundations are key but not 100% in better chance of a successful relationship.

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I don't think emails and efforts to meet are time or energy wasted, just part of the process.

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