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Why this is important to point out is because many times fictitious dating services will grab images of attractive looking females from other websites and then build a fake profile page with that photograph.

This is not the only dating site to do this, almost all dating sites that we've exposed for fraud are responsible for creating fake profiles on their own website.

We've used a software program called Tin Eye that does something called reverse image searches.

A reverse image search is when you conduct a web search on a photograph.

In Section 1 of the terms and conditions page they talk about using an "automated notification system" as well as sending people automated emails and instant messages.

You can read those two paragraphs below or click on this link and go to section 1 of the terms and conditions page to read it directly on the flirting mature. Based on the fact that Flirty Mature is owned by Together Networks and they have (in our opinion) a bad reputation we would never use them.On the terms and conditions page in secton #1 surprisingly they discuss the use of an automatic pop-up notification system that is used to send emails to people.The even admit that these automatically generated emails require you to have an upgraded paid monthly membership so you can actually read the emails.The reason we're pointing all of this out is because it's very misleading for people who register on Flirty and subsequently start receiving messages and flirts from women on the site.Many people are ignorant to the fact that misleading dating services such as Flirty Mature are involved in the use of computer software programs to send people computer-generated messages.

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