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A waste of time with her, a gold digger number one who profits from others., we started our communication, where after 3 months she invited me come to Uzbekistan.

” I didn’t answer and blacklisted her on odnoklassniki after i have found her name and photos on several sites where she has been reported as scammer.

I offered her to pay all these expenses, but she told me that i cannot make reservation of flight ticket from the UK to her in Uzbekistan.

Asking this to the Embassy of Uzbekistan and to some Airlines companies, i learned that this woman was lying and tried to scam me.

It seems Elvira has a relationship with this man or he is her husband or her pimp, unfortunately i didn’t understand his name well. After we have changed a coupl of messages, she felt in love with me and wanted come to me, but she not have the money and needs to raise a child alone. While we was in the center, Elvira was looking in many shops for clothes, shoes, even some technica as computers, mobile phone…

I sent to her £800 through Western Union, and a invitation for her from the UK Department of Immigration. she wanted so much such things, when i offered her for buy new shoes or new dress, she was looking not such happy.

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Thanks with this reports from other men, i saved money! My name is Eleonora Ismaeva and i am from Tashkent.

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