Dating cabinet cards

Mounted on a dark green card with beveled gilt edges, typical of the 1890s The dark green card makes for an excellent contrast to the image color, complimented by the understated blind imprint.

Cabinet cards styles followed those of the carte de visite right after their introduction in 1866 for portraits, usually a plain Bristol board card with the double gold lines for a border.

There has not been as much research on the cabinet card styles as on the carte de visite styles, therefore they may be more difficult to assess.

Therefore, cabinet card styles can be used to approximate a date for an unknown cabinet card.Note that dating the mount does not necessarily date the image.The photographer may have been using up old card stock.As the popularity of the cabinet card rose, it began to dictate style to the waning carte de visite.The earliest cabinet portraits, introduced in 1866, were a larger version of the plain Bristol board carte de visite stock with the usual gilt borders.

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