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In order to appreciate the work of the Spirit in the virgin birth of Christ, let's follow the Scripture context as the Spirit inspired it in Luke –37.Predictably, the greatness of the Son has pride of place. And he will be pleased if we taste a new sense of wonder at the glory of Christ.Devote yourselves to seeing and feeling the grandeur of the love of God in Jesus Christ and you will be so in harmony with the Holy Spirit that his power will flow mightily in your life.Christian spiritual experience is not a vague religious emotion.It is an emotion with objective content, and the content is Jesus Christ.The shy member of the Trinity does mighty work, but he never puts himself in the limelight.

When God intends his work to teach, he adds his word.Verse 26: "In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth." The "sixth month" refers to the sixth month of Elizabeth's pregnancy with John the Baptist. Gabriel appears in Scripture only two other times: in Daniel as an interpreter of visions, and here in Luke as the announcer of John the Baptist's birth.What's significant in this verse is God's choice to announce to Mary ahead of time what he is about to do.You might say he the limelight that puts the attributes of God the Father and the person of Christ into sharp relief.Therefore, when the time came for the eternal Son of God to be sent by his Father into the world, the work of the Holy Spirit was a quiet, unobtrusive work in the service of the Father and the Son.

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