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The spokesman told The Grocer magazine it was 'unable to offer it as part of our meal deal.'She said customers could still buy a 250ml can of Classic Coke, sandwich and snack for under £3, less than the price of a meal deal.However, the move has prompted criticism on social media from shoppers, who argued Sainsbury's should have put the price of meal deals up.Classic Coke has become 10 per cent more expensive on average.It has replaced 1.75 litre and 1.25 litre bottles with 1.5 litre and one litre versions.Supermarket bosses said 500ml bottles of Diet Coke and Coke Zero Sugar would still be included in meal deals.A spokesman for the retailer twweted that, following the introduction of the sugar tax, the price of Coca-Cola had risen.Unfortunately the authors are wrong about the live hookup.The telecast was received via satellite at Carnarvon, north of Perth, and then beamed to Perth over an ad hoc network specifically constructed to carry the moonwalk live to western Australia.

This is why the authors argue that Una must have seen a videotape.This is how Bennett and Percy deftly attempt to patch up the first large hole in Una Ronald's story, namely that she had to "stay up" to watch the moonwalk live.The Apollo 11 EVA occurred in the late morning in western Australian time. Bennett and Percy gently ignore Una's mistaken recollection and assert she must have been watching taped coverage replayed later at night.This is the second attempt to gloss over major differences between Una Ronald's story and what the Aulis authors want to make of it. In other words, Una believes the Coke bottle was actually on the "set" with the astronauts, not pasted on in post-production by some mysterious mischievous video engineer.After seeing the Coke bottle, Una exclaimed, "It's a fake! But she can't answer why the bottle was so suspiciously recognizable in contrast to the rest of the picture, yet still part of the scene.

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