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On that same day, according to Mark, Jesus is taken down and quickly wrapped and placed in Joseph of Arimathaea's new tomb, so that He does not hang on the cross over the Sabbath.

Day #7: The day in between Mark and Mark 16:1 is the seventh-day Sabbath.

He tells a parable, the Pharisees try "to catch him in his words" (Mark ) using various questions and arguments.

Then Jesus goes to the treasury and watches people cast in their money and He comments on the widow's mite.

First the disciples notice that the fig tree Jesus had cursed has shrivelled.

The priests, scribes, and elders question Him about what authority He uses to do His miracles.

There he talks to Peter, James, John, and Andrew privately about the signs of His Second Coming. Day #4: Mark 14:1 is the next day (Day #4), and the Bible tells us that the Passover is two days away.On this day, the disciples rent an upper room, and there they hold the last supper Jesus has with His disciples before His death.On that same night, Jesus goes to Gethsemane and spends agonizing hours in prayer while His disciples sleep.On this day, Mary anoints Jesus with her "alabaster box of ointment of spikenard" (Mark 14:3) at a special dinner made in Jesus’ honor, and Judas Iscariot makes a pact with the chief priests to betray Jesus.Day #5: In verse 12 of Mark 14, we find Day #5, which was the Passover, when the Jews kill the Passover lamb.

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