Dating denim jackets

The color and simple, sleek design make them style chameleons, adapting and adding to whatever level of dress you wear them with.

This Timex Expedition is sharp style on a mac and cheese budget. These slim jeans are from a brand I've been wearing for a long time called DSTLD.

These fit great, and I've actually had them for a couple of years.

A few of their models are even made in LA, including this pair. It's a long a weekend, but that doesn't mean you should be spending your time shopping.

So instead of spending that much on a fake one, go for an option with a similar silhouette that's very reasonably priced: The Black Denim Jacket.

Only slightly less badass than a leather jacket, a black denim jacket goes with everything. I've had my rigid Levi's Trucker for a few seasons now, and it's constantly a go-to. Eliminate that nagging voice in the back of your head asking, “Wait, does this count as a Canadian Tuxedo,” while looking in the mirror, and instead go black.

She's rapidly become one of the world's most sought after young models.

A lot of it rooted in America's unspoken definitions of roguish men. “I couldn't afford the real thing.” It's impressive what the industry has been able to do with modern plastics, being able to mimic the look and feel of real leather better and better every year.

I've had these Thursday Boot Presidents (9) for a couple of years now and really love them.

Great quality, Goodyear Welted, and full glove lining makes them comfortable right out of the box with minimal wear-in needed.

Finding a pair of quality leather boots with a slim profile and sole (making them super versatile) is frustratingly hard.

If you can't opt for the 0 Wolverine 1000 Miles, you've been traditionally stuck with fashion boots.

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