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This pioneering work will be followed by collections of the remaining chants of the Mass, giving choirs and small groups of singers a complete repertoire for these Masses for the whole of the liturgical year.

The Association believes that its objectives are most likely to be achieved by frequent celebrations of the Mass in Latin in the Ordinary Form of the Roman rite, to which the majority of the laity are accustomed, while many are dissatisfied with the shortcomings of much current liturgical practice.

LAMP, formed in 1975, has conducted projects in cooperation with Latin American repositories and now devotes greater attention to preserving primary source materials, such as political archives.

While LAMP’s holdings are widely representative of the region, its Brazilian materials, Haitian imprints, and annual ministerial reports from all countries are particularly extensive. Meeting Minutes and other information related to the ongoing work of LAMP may be found in the LAMP Workspace.

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LAMP has digitized a substantial body of Brazilian materials already in microform to expand access. The LAMP Workspace is a wiki tool that members can access to review and edit or add content. For questions or information about LAMP, contact CRL Resources Integral to Cornell’s Latin American Journals Project - Cornell University utilized CRL resources to support its Latin American Journals project, a digital portal to political, cultural and popular serials from the region.

For the first time, Gregorian chant Introits for every Sunday and Holy Day are available in both Latin and English, simple to sing but wholly authentic, and well within the capability of choirs of any parish church.

The concentration in Latin American and Caribbean Studies is designed to promote a multidisciplinary approach to social, historical, political, and linguistic issues in Latin America and the Caribbean.The Latin American Materials Project (LAMP) acquires, preserves, and maintains microform and digital collections of unique, rare, and bulky or voluminous Latin American research materials for its members.LAMP emphasizes original preservation, either through microfilming or digitization, though it may also purchase existing microfilm.Arts & Crafts Business Education Culture & Countries Entertainment Films Finance & Investing Foods Health & Fitness Law & Legal Jobs & Careers Kids Media: Magazines Media: Newspapers Parenting & Family Personal Homepages Radio & Television Latin is the premiere Internet site for Latin/Hispanic friends and singles to meet and develop friendships and relationships.We provide you a platform to search out people with similar interests.

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