Dating for bipolar people

On the other hand, for some people, whatever your issue might be, someone is bound to be waiting for it like a kid hoping for candy.

The same biology at work making you as you are is at work making others as they are.

You may notice I have betrayed my ignorance about bipolar disorder here, but that's OK. We're all made with something to understand and accept about us, or what else is love for?

you can't help it that you're bipolar, just like most other folks can't help it that they don't have what it takes to try to sustain a long-term relationship with somebody who's bipolar.

That applies to any man who is not tall, dark, handsome, rich, and et cetera.

There is a habit afoot to find any possible red flag, real and imagined, reasonable or phobic.

from all that i have read and experienced, biopolar is largely a manageable condition that typically requires a combination of pharmaceutical/professional support and a very pro-active approach to learning how to manage your conscious reaction to your own shifting moods. I'm still ambivalent about that, all things considered. I find the concept of, "You are not your diagnosis," to be one of the dumbest, ill-considered statements I've ever heard.

Now, there were more bad times than good, especially in the second ten years, so getting RE-involved with a bipolar woman would not be my first choice. Hanging out with you is like riding a roller coaster."My girlfriends after six months: "Wow! Hanging out with you is like riding a roller coaster. But others, such as mood disorders, personality disorders, developmental disorders and alcoholism make up a huge part of self. Plus, if you help out around the house and with the kids you will look so good compared "that swine", she will fling herself on you and refuse to let you leave. That's fun."Any man who goes to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined." - Samuel Goldwyn -Hey brother, I also have bipolar and there is a terrible stigma that comes with it.

Otherwise, you're being really unfair to any potential partners. I'm posting this to hear from people who have had successful, long-term relationships with bipolar/borderline people or from people with the disorders who have had long-term relationships themselves. Trust me, I never was in a relationship with a bipolar person but I know people close to me who do and they have no problem getting love, i don't see why you would be any different remember also try out "all" avenues. I had a five year relationship with a high-functioning bipolar man who I suspect is also BPD. It's mostly up to you to keep yourself healthy to maintain a relationship.

If you say your bipolar on the "internet" people will run immediately, in real life you have a better chance, because people will get all dimensions of you, not just you are on a computer and have some kind of bi-polar condition. Much of those five years was wonderful and memorable. Stay on your meds, use on-going counselling and include your partner in your therapy. There is a wonderful discussion forum and you will be delighted that many of the participants in the forum are in long term marriages. Just out of interest, did you have a parent with bipolar disorder?

Mating has never been a matter of only perfect specimens finding other perfect specimens. The important thing is to get along well, which can be done in combinations of people having almost any personalities, disorderly or not.

I would guess that if your relationship with yourself and with the world at large is working, then finding a mate should be no more difficult.

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And I especially agree that there is probably hope for EVERYONE out there, including necrophiliacs, but that how EASY it will be is far from guaranteed. Good-bye."When my nephew was in college, he called me one day. What the people that are not educated in it and I'm not saying it's a bad thing because if you don't suffer from it then why would anyone be.

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