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Other times, we just can't remember all the things we used to. However, mild degrees of forgetfulness are common in all of us.

At the first sign of forgetfulness, we tend to immediately think "Alzheimer's".

Seniors who find pleasure in life, who laugh often, retain a sense of humor, or look at the aging process as a natural process and not as the approach of doomsday also seem to enjoy less stress-induced illnesses and complications than those who do. It's easy for adult children of elderly parents to believe that our elderly parents are sometimes … Holiday Crafts such as Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern and Christmas Cards After my 78-year old mom was diagnosed with vascular dementia, I worried about her ability to continue doing the things that she loved, most especially … I'm an only child and my mother lived with me for the last six years of her life.

Stress can take years from your life and cause physical symptoms that may lead to high blood pressure, heart problems and depression. Why Exercises for Elderly Parents Is Essential What? Chair Exercises for Seniors Provides More Benefits than You Might Imagine Both my parents are elderly and both used to be quite active, though they have slowed down a lot in the past couple of years. Halloween Crafts, Thanksgiving Crafts and Year Round Holiday Crafting Year-Round Holiday Crafts for the Elderly Crafting is a wonderful activity that keeps the mind stimulated, the laughter flowing, and the memories alive. Security Walk in Tub for Elders for General Work Out.

Elderly Crafts Product Page Keeping muscles and joints healthy and strong helps maintain range of motion, movement and balance.

While we all may eventually suffer some decrease in mobility and stamina, there is no reason why those in their 60s, 70s and 80s can't exercise and perform weight bearing exercises that help to prevent lean muscle mass loss or loss of range of motion or strength.

Sometimes, forgetfulness is caused by depression, anxiety or confusion, and not chemical changes in the brain.

In order to keep the brain healthy and strong, it must be exercised.

Seniors can discuss dating challenges, gain access to senior dating resources such as expert dating advice, editorial postings and an online community. Cyber Seniors Program -is an intergenerational socialization and learning program that recruits students to volunteer at nursing homes and teach seniors how to use the internet. Whether you keep busy with housework or you like to go window-shopping, activity is activity.For More Information on Physical Activities for Elderly Parents please see Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Try to keep doing your indoor chores as long as you can. Take a jaunt around your block, if you live on one.Users may use it as a tool to create new senior social networking connections and social activities."Paw Paw Mail" also has a feature which aims to protect seniors against spam, scams, and e-mails from strangers.

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To give seniors who are unfamiliar with computers a simple user friendly and immediate email system.

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