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I've made a career on helping these guys become the guy you'd really want to date because I seriously doubt you want a "nice guy".The other problem is that you have no game; or at least you have no game you can pull out of your back pocket when you need it. I've already listed a few reasons why you can't seem to find the guy you want, yet they're out there just walking around. The interesting thing about this is that women have a number of tools to approach these guys that guys don't have. You can go over and stand just a little too close to a guy you'd like to meet and 9 times out of 10, he'll just turn and say "hi" to you.Added bonus: Grindr just started a brand new LGBTQ digital media publication called Into, which we profiled here. Like most apps, Grindr is free to download but also offers additional features through its subscription service. Grindr is more than just dick pics, but it's also definitely dick pics. With close to 6 million monthly users, it's one of the largest apps in the game.So, look: There are plenty of decent apps out there, and even more that are up-and-coming.I've been dating the same guy on and off for 3 years and I think its about time for a change considering that he never does anything to make me feel special.The problem is that I cant seem to meet a 'nice guy' in the city I live. I'm sorry that you need someone else to make you feel special in order to have a relationship.

They're not lining up at the door so just go out and be aware of who's around.Still, it's a blockbuster app with a diverse dating pool.The company has conducted some pretty illuminating research about its international user base.I’m guessing there’s a 98% chance you’re currently using or have used a dating site or app. Here’s a screenshot from the average girl’s OK Cupid inbox…You can see these gals’ inboxes are packed with hundreds of messages.

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  1. I may email again, saying, “If you want to know anything just ask”, etc. It’s that you probably haven’t given her a compelling reason to be.