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NEIMAN MARCUS ANNE KLE N Sepiemh^n, 2007 no-- 56 ON VANITYFAIR. On his God Is Not Great book tour, Christopher Hitchens challeng the faithful from Raleigh, North Carolina, to Austin, Texas What a revelation. Cadillac* ■ CLASSICS REDEFINED GAP THE NEW PORTRAITS AVffi' York Cih 2007 The Deep V Sweater as worn by: SELMA BLAIR, ACTOR price: S44.50 f F07 The Haberdashery Shirt as worn by: LIEV SCHREIBER, ACTOR price: S44.50 ^10 The Sweater Vest as worn by: JOHN MAYER, MUSICIAN price: S39.50 GAP #11 The Wide Leg Trouser as worn by: SARAH SILVERMAN, COMEDIAN AND ASPIRING SUPERMODEL price; .50 GAPCOM September. As a student who is currently _ f o R m o r e taking an anthropolog)'- \ letters to of-Ai DS course at a pres- t h e e d ito r , tigious public univer- sity, I found it ignorant. The increase of access to treat- ment in poor areas and the proliferation of clinics have not managed to erode one of the most destructive effects of aids: stigma. gender discrimination often leaves them unable to negotiate eondom use or disclose their status to their families and partners (who are often infected as well). South Africa SACHS APPEAL I FEAR that Jeffrey Sachs's intervention ideas are simplistic ["Jeffrey Sachs's S200 Billion Dream." by Nina Munk, July]. (See Michael Shnayerson's "Talk of the Town," on page 346.) Per- haps instead it's a macro lesson for the rest of us in the value of personal thrift.

Jessica Flint says Mais oui to Sarah Jessica Parker's Covet; fall's most fashionable fragranci COLUMNS GOD BLESS ME, IT'S A BEST-SELLER! MEGAN CASTLER Berkeley, California AS A CONSUMER and a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I found "The Lazarus Effect" very interesting. a tremendous job of providing lifesaving medication to people living with aids in Africa, but treatment is only part of the solution. Following the 2003 invasion, the Coalition Provisional Au- thority received 512 billion in cash from the New York Federal Reserve— that's 363 tons of money. Well, some was passed out to Iraqi ministries and functionaries in or- der to prime the Iraqi economy. Perhaps the reason for our crushing deficits is not so that the super-rich can get super-richer by paying less in taxes.

CONTINUED ON PAGE 70 SEPTEMBER 200 LONDON, MAY 11-13 2007 Lnedtia Casta mill mill DC: MM/\K/\R/\M N E W Y O R K THE PARTY CONTINUES ON For an assortment of original stories and \ideos. So those Abercrombie abs and that Jessica Simpson rack may be on the way out, reports Amy Fine Collins. / / ' /I ' ,\ I MAIvl G MADRID TOKYO Hh H (.if, Br Mr, SHOP BCBG COM AVAILABLE AT MACY'S, MACYS. (Note: I am a former administrative and budget officer for the United Nations World Food Programme.) The media attention Africa is getting is fabulous, and this issue of Vanify Fair redress- es a century of inattention. YOU KNOW THEY'RE GOING TO MAKE A MOVIE OUT OF IT." RSIIi Ppippm SIP! You can throw all the money you wish at the continent, but a lot of it goes no further than the corrupt governments. NED ZEMAN Contributing Photographers ANNIE LEIBOVrr Z BRUCE WEBER. 30 J 0p Mi FREE PREVIEW Sept 28 - Oct 1 ; her the promotional per iriod. When accompanied by an icy shot, straight up, oysters are a wildly Jelicious way to satisfy the cocktail hour. JOHN BODY Florence, Massachusetts WITHOUT EXTREME population- control measures, Africa is doomed. A-NNO Marketing Manager LAUREN MUEHLETHALER Associate Manager, Brand Development TONI CAVAUERE Advertising Assistants JAN'S LEVIN. * 1-888-SHOWT Med bn K offer ends W6/D7.0fto an Ia He to new Slxw^ The life and crimes of the Caffee family pr SSUNDAY $ERi:. % Mt be conbinel Uritti aoy^ttijra Mmedlyi Alitvpai^ Ifewirlc's fnc. Sauces and garnish are a matter of personal preference )ut are best used sparingly. Blow struggled with tragedy, depression, and a talent she couldn't sell. Hercules to Hedi Slimane, the ideal body shape changes almost as often as the styles that cover it. CON] Seduction and Construction • Cole Haan Craftsmanship and Technology \ \ I \ ^ I \ \ , \ \ ' \ \ ' \ \ ' \ \ I \ u \ • / / / / / / I // /. Most organiza- tions settled, including CNN and NBC; however. On the other hand, Sachs is absolutely right that these political problems have been used as excuses for decades, often by the estab- lished development agencies and their found- ers. EVERYTHING EXCEPT MAKE MY COFFEE." "YOU NEED TO READ THAT BOOK NOW.. Laura Jacobs hits Hermes's headquarters as the reins are passed to a sixth generation. 384 FINAL BLOW The May suicide of English fashion maven Isabella Blow— famous for her outrageous headwear as well as her pioneering eye— shook London society. Beneath the trappings of aristocratic eccentricity, Edward Helmore learns. 324 THE SHAPE OF THIGHS TO COME From Rubens to Mattel. puff-sleeve keyhole blouse and wide-legged cuffed pant. l ERICANA MANHASSE L HARBOUR LLAS S VEGAS )S ANGELES NEW YORK OSCARDELAREXTA. EMILY POENISCH (WEST COAST) Feotures Associate REBECCA SINN Art Assistant JOCELYN SELIG Editorial Associates JESSICA FLINT. Jewell was applauded for his deft- ness, but praise soon turned to torment when 77/6' Atlanta Journal-Constitution print- ed that Jewell was an F. Then, three months later, after Jewell, with the help of real-estate lawyer Watson, had endured a trial of public opinion, the F. I, cleared Jewell's name by dropping its investigation of him— which is where Brenner's article left us hanging. the charge, sued a number of media companies for libel. Rudolph received four life sentences, evading the death penalty by revealing where he had stashed 250 pounds of dynamite. I o V -888-728-4021 Co NDE Nast Art mm vanilv lair"| agenda of Africa: violence, corruption, tribalism, lingering colonial patterns, and distortions. YOU SHOULD SEE IF YOU CAN STILL GET ONE." "I LIKE THEIR POSITION ON THE ENVIRONMENT I'D VOTE FOR THEM." YANITYFAIR READER NETWORK CONNECT COMM UNICATE "THIS PHONE PLAYS MUSIC AND MOVIES, SENDS E-MAIL...

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