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Many women feel awkward, embarrassed or even threatened when a friendly guy starts a little flirting game.Just because you indulge in a friendly game of flirting doesn’t mean you’re falling for a guy, remember that.And don’t blame us if the man on the other end gets flirty! Most women think men are slobs who hate working or running errands, but that’s the case only if he’s already in a long term relationship with you.[Read: How to text flirt] #6 A woman who asks for help This is every man’s dream. If he’s single and a woman with all the aforementioned characteristics walks up to him and asks him to help her out with a smile, he’d jump up like a jack in the box. It makes them feel more macho, gives them an excuse to have a conversation with a pretty woman, and reawakens their evolutionary desire to be the provider and the protector.A bright red umbrella is always a lot more attention grabbing on a rainy day amidst all the dull umbrellas, doesn’t it? You don’t really have to try and stand out with bold, flashy colors all the time.Just dress like a perfect ten in well fitting clothes and appear confident.What men like in women Attraction and infatuation at first sight are very different from the deep appreciation that men get once they get to know a woman well.

But there are a few kinds of women that men absolutely adore and fall in love with, wherever they go.The one text you must NEVER send any woman if you want to have a chance with her...The 3 BIGGEST TEXTING MISTAKES men make and how to avoid them...#1 A cheerful attitude The cheerful laugh or a flirty giggle of a happy, cheerful woman can melt even the hardest of manly hearts.Have a happy, cheerful personality and try to look at the happier side of life all the time.

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Find out what men like in women and be that attractive woman that all men want and desire.

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