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The most beautiful of girls is bound so tight that she goes from numb to excruciating pain, yet unable to utter a sound.

The latest and most horrendous markets created are in Africa, South America and Asia where enforcement of laws is impossible and even though the animals may be protected, the policing agencies have neither the money or power to do anything. "Sustainable Use" of native wildlife in so-called modern nations like Australia and the U. Please don't blame the local people; it's not their fault! The greatest wildlife perpetrators of today's world are those behind the driving force of "Sustainable Use."How are the Tiger Farms in Taiwan and China helping to save Tigers in India, S E Asia or Siberia?

They gaffer tape her legs together; tie her arms together behind her back; tape her eyes shut and have her mouth gagged.

Very, very happy with their prey, they head for their hideout.

The farmer received an order for a certain number of skins and wanting to supply top grade skins only, he caught every day for 10 days a small number of crocodiles from one pen and examined their bellies before taking the chosen crocodiles to be slaughtered. My aim is to promote the conservation of these magnificent animals from now until the day I die.

Ten days after the last crocodiles had been slaughtered one of the survivors became "paralysed", unable to move. If I can help the world protect predator populations then all of the species in the food chain and their immediate environments will benefit and flourish.

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