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It is about a gay half-mermaid, half-Mulawin named Marilawin who is a son of a mermaid and a Mulawin.In 2006, Mike Enriquez of 24 Oras guest starred in a sketch with Ricketts & Bahay Mo Bato? A parody of a popular religious program, Ang Dating Daan, interpreting fairy tales and children's literature instead of religious scriptures. In the 2007 version, the sketch was called "Doon Dati" or "Du'n Dati", with Ara Mina as Kapatid na Rosa, Wendell Ramos as Kapatid na Mel, Ogie Alcasid as Kapatid na Toto, and Michael V as Kapatid na Auring as hosts.The sketch was hosted by Isko Salvador as Brod Pete, Cesar Cosme as Bro. "Du'n Dati" is a parody of Iglesia Ni Cristo's "Ang Mga Nagsi-alis sa Samahang Ang Dating Daan".as Daniel, Mella's new love interest who is later revealed to be a married womanizer. A three-part sketch which involves a man portrayed by Michael V.who easily gets upset to people who treat him as a gay.

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