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You become stressed if someone is not pleased with your work. You want perfection not only in what you do but in everything around you.

You quickly criticize any errors made by those around you.

You refuse to play baseball, even in a casual environment, because you aren’t the best on the team.

You would rather give up on a task than not do it perfectly. If you don’t think your report is perfect, you don’t bother handing it in.

You continue working on a project long past when it was complete or others would have stopped.

That’s because no matter how long you work, in your eyes it is never quite done.

You know achieving perfection is impossible and you know that your efforts to do so are harmful to you.

Even so, you can’t seem to stop yourself because the results would be disasterous.

You notice any mistake or error, whether you made it or someone else did.

You might overreact by crying, yelling, screaming or making excuses for your mistake. You believe that if you can’t do it all, then you can’t be perfect and that isn’t acceptable. You take on extra work to make sure it is done right.

You believe in "if you want it done right, do it yourself." You have a difficult time working in a group if you are not in control.

You obsess about previous mistakes, mulling over what you did and did not do correctly.

You worry that you did not do enough or did something wrong.

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Because perfection is so important to you, you find it very hard to deal with anything less.

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