Dating petrified wood

They became extinct about 65 million years ago in an unknown catastrophe that ended the Cretaceous Period.The same catastrophe is believed to have killed off the dinosaurs. They belong to a large phylum (a vary large group of classification-though they may be very different, it is assumed they all come from the same ancestors) of animals known as arthropods.

The trilobites lived through a time span of 300 million years, but they too are now extinct. But it wasn’t until the dinosaurs and many invertebrates died out, that birds and animals became the dominant groups.There are plenty of websites and books with information on places to legally hunt. Lots of old collecting sites have been fenced or are off limits. The Bureau of Land Management controls federal land and puts limits on collecting. You must have permission from the owner to collect on private property. But if you can’t get to them, check and see if there is one locally. Also check and see if there is a fossil or lapidary club or organization in your area.Perhaps the best places to get information or to “hunt” for fossils, petrified wood, rocks and minerals may be your local museum, rock shop, or rock shows. See my page on Rockhounding Rules for general information on the rules of collecting rocks on various lands.In order to petrify, wood must be buried without oxygen to prevent decay.Everything we know today about how life developed here on Earth, we have learned from studying fossils!

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