Dating power struggle

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But what you’ve never been told is that this is the typical 'power struggle', the second phase of any relationship, a troubled - but necessary (like puberty) - developmental stage.

If you were in a truly mutually respectful relationship where you are both in reality, you’d have both gone through the discovery phase of dating, moved on into a relationship and organically come together to work on your relationship and the direction.

You are mistaking love for power and so relationships become about you gaining power from someone or having the power to influence and change them, or feeling that because things haven’t gone your way that the only way that you can feel ‘whole’ again or proceed is if you forcibly or passive aggressively grab your power back from them.

Casual – trying to get them to do things on your terms and upgrade you from being more than ‘booty’ or a pastime.

They’re trying to continue the affair on their terms often being manipulative with words and actions to ensure that they don’t jeopardise you continuing.Sadly, this damages even more your primary relationship and almost never works, since you'll repeat the same errors in the new relationship’s power struggle stage all over again.What To Do Are you one of the few people who are looking for a better solution than divorce, a ‘parallel marriage’, or a temporary affair?You may even want the person and the relationship to be your ‘power supply’, breathing life into you and giving you an identity.These are things that you should have and keep before and during a relationship.

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