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There’s a palpable neurochemical rush that comes with engagement.A job well done is something to be proud of; a solid work ethic is noble. But as Jeffrey Pfeffer, author of underscores, there’s dangers within toxic work environments that leave people little choice but to carry workloads once handled by several employees, leaving us at risk for poor mental and physical health.Breaking the Cycle of Stress and Depression — The connection between stress and depression is complex and circular, but this worksheet is designed to break the cycle by teaching people ways to reduce the effects of stress biochemical.(0517, wellness, stress, depression) Increasing Positive Feelings — This worksheet is designed to evoke positive feelings and simultaneously demonstrate that you can “change the channel” on your emotions.In the early eighties, when twenty-three-year old Howard Scott Warshaw found himself eye to eye with Steven Spielberg, he was beyond stoked. While Atari and Spielberg haggled over rights for the game, precious production time was lost.Warshaw had made a name for himself in Silicon Valley after creating the blockbuster Atari 2600 Indiana Jones video game, prompting Spielberg to handpick him to design an E. This left Warshaw five weeks to create the game from scratch. Warshaw worked frantically 24-7, ultimately producing what ended up widely known as the “worst video game of all time”.

If you fry your motherboard, your long-term capacity to do well and be well will be disrupted. Guidepost # 2: You’re more likely to do well and stay well when you set boundaries.

It's nearly impossible to stand up to what are essentially rights violations perpetrated by employers when you can't afford to say no.

Workaholism at least in America isn't only a cultural disease, it's also often a necessity.

Our CBT therapy worksheets are designed and developed by professionals, so you can count on their quality.

Download group therapy worksheets for adults, and be sure to check out the therapy resources for children and teens coping with depression, too.

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