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Start your morning with a guided tour or borrow a cruiser bicycle for a ride of a lifetime through Volcanoes National Park.Visit our retail shop offering a curated selection of locally made art and gifts.A man was seriously injured when he was hit with lava spatter while standing on his third-floor balcony — the first known injury related to Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano eruptions as new volcanic activity creates new threats in surrounding neighborhoods.“And even small pieces of spatter can kill,” she said.“County and state fire units are in the area, going door-to-door to make sure people are informed and check if they need assistance.

No other information about the man and his condition were released as of Sunday morning.Portions of Highway 137 and Highway 130 were closed.HAWAII VOLCANO'S 'EXPLOSIVE' ERUPTION SENDS ASH PLUME SOARING, PROMPTS WARNING The Big Island volcano released a small explosion at its summit just before midnight Friday, sending an ash cloud 10,000 feet into the sky.By Saturday night, the lava cut off Highway 137, a key escape route for residents in the area, at the 13-mile marker.Officials said they were monitoring a second flow early Sunday that was inching closer to the highway.

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