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The owners found each other this way and have been happily married for over 6 years .We understand how it works to be a client and find your life partner in an agency.We are not online dating, but a highly personal matchmaking agency with ladies from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.Czech and Slovak ladies from our countries do not need visas to visit the USA, Canada, or Western Europe unlike countries like Ukraine and Russia.We are highly selective in who we take in our agency which makes our dating agency different .Once we get to know you, we can help find your life partner and make your dreams a reality.

Smoking allowed in bars is one of the reasons why I don’t go out so often when in my home country.And in that strange and romantic moment I thought, “One day I’m going to put this in a story to explain my convoluted relationship with Russian men.”I should preface this story by saying that I am Russian.The second thing you’ll notice is that Russian men are patriarchal alpha males, and, whatever your feminist textbook might have told you, this is initially a huge turn-on.Getting wasted all the time is not cool and I don’t really see the point of it.Unfortunately, in case you did not know the basic facts about Slovakia, my country is located in Central Europe which means we have no sea and no beach 🙁 I know we wouldn’t have such a beautiful nature and most probably the mountains we have now if we were on the coast, but just having a beach might make me stay in Slovakia for longer. I should be grateful for this beauty at least 🙂 This is the biggest problem for me in Slovakia.

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Evolutionary theorists and Freudians alike would argue that women are subconsciously attracted to men who give off signs that they will provide for them.

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