Dating someone with low self confidence

In order for you to be vulnerable with someone, you must first be able to be completely honest with yourself.

With all the self-help, reprogrammed, affirmation driven minds out there in the dating community honesty tends fall off to the wayside.

If you still judge yourself, they too will judge you too.

They will pick up of on your fears, insecurity and judgments and pounce on them.

Another reason people hold back from being vulnerable with each other is the fact that they don’t know how to own their own strength.

Whenever we give our power away to others and take crap from them, it closes our hearts and causes us to pull back.

The reason it doesn’t work for them is because they draw in low self-esteem women who only want guys who treat them badly – like the way they treat themselves.We only fear the judgments of others if we judge ourselves for it FIRST.Neediness in the area of being vulnerable will only come if we want external validation from someone else, a desire to be told that it’s OK to feel this way.Know that it’s only the ego that judges, not the true you beyond your mind 2.Say the following affirmation “I love and accept myself completely just the way I am” “Not being needy and looking to see if it’s OK with her” Once you truly love and accept a part of yourself you no longer fear others judgments (good or bad) because you no longer judge yourself.

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