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In January 2018, researchers announced that they had completed piecing together sixty parchment fragments and deciphered one of the last remaining and most obscure portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The tiny fragments, once pieced together and translated, revealed the word At least a year elapsed between the discovery of the scrolls in 1947 and the initiation of a systematic archeological investigation of the Qumran site.

The Temple Scroll was acquired by Yigael Yadin in 1967 and is now housed alongside the first seven scrolls in the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

All the remaining manuscripts, sizable texts as well as minute fragments, are stored in the Rockefeller Museum building in Jerusalem, the premises of the Israel Antiquities Authority Père de Vaux gradually realized the need to identify a habitation site close to the caves.

The years between 19 were marked by accelerated activity in both the search for caves and the archeological excavation of sites related to tile manuscripts.

To read more about the virtual unwrapping of this scroll, please click here.

The young Ta'amireh shepherd was certainly unaware of destiny when his innocent search for a stray goat led to the fateful discovery of Hebrew scrolls in a long-untouched cave.

One discovery led to another, and eleven scroll-yielding caves and a habitation site eventually were uncovered.

The Dead Sea Scrolls refer to ancient Hebrew scrolls that were accidentally discovered in 1947 by a Bedouin boy in Israel's Judean Desert. E.) - a time of crucial developments in the crystallization of the monotheistic religions.

On display today in the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the scrolls have kindled popular enthusiasm as well as serious scholarly interest over the past half century as they reveal exciting history from the Second Temple period (520 B. The Judean Desert, a region reputedly barren, defied preconceptions and yielded an unprecedented treasure.

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