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11, 2001, attacks, an inquiry being headed by the F. It is also the nation’s worst mass shooting in almost three years, since the slaughter at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. Even before the Paris attacks, the bureau had heavy surveillance on at least three dozen people who the authorities feared might commit violence in the Islamic State’s name. Malik, 29, and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, remain unknown, and law enforcement officials say the couple had not been suspected of posing a danger.

Early this year, the Islamic State shifted tactics, and instead of just trying to persuade followers to travel to Syria to join the group, it began calling on sympathizers in the West to commit acts of violence at home. But after two days of insisting that terrorism was just one of many possibilities, the F. I.’s statements on that prospect grew much stronger on Friday.

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Among the components investigators seized from the couple’s house were items common to the manufacture of pipe bombs but also “miniature Christmas tree lamps.” A recent issue of Inspire, an online magazine published by an arm of Al Qaeda, included an article, “Designing a Timed Hand Grenade,” with step-by-step instructions for making a delayed igniter with a Christmas tree lamp.

Investigators have also found evidence that in their final days, Mr. Malik tried to erase their electronic footprints, another sign of premeditation.

Malik’s time in Pakistan, as well as travel there by Mr. Officials said that not only had he never been a criminal suspect, but that he was also never mentioned by anyone interviewed by the F.

Al Qaeda and other groups have carried out — or inspired — lethal assaults in the United States, but the Islamic State, which has a base of operations in Syria and Iraq, and carried out the attack on Paris that killed 130 people last month, has turned into a leading terrorism threat with spreading influence around the world.

What began as a local police response to gunfire in San Bernardino turned into a global investigation into the deadliest terrorist assault in the United States since the Sept. and stretching from California to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. has refocused its resources on that threat of so-called homegrown, self-radicalized extremists who might be inspired by Islamic State propaganda.

That person said that Saudi intelligence agencies had no information that she had any ties to militant groups, and that she was not on any terrorism watch lists. Malik returned to Pakistan for college, graduating in 2012 with a degree in pharmacy from Bahauddin Zakariya University in Multan, a major city in Punjab. American and Saudi officials have confirmed that he spent more than a week in Saudi Arabia in July 2014 and returned with Ms. She traveled on a Pakistani passport and an American K-1 visa, the type that allows people to come to the country to marry American citizens. Farook applied for a permanent resident green card for Ms. 20, 2014, and she was granted a conditional green card in July 2015. In a news conference Friday afternoon, two lawyers for the Farook family said the couple’s family were shocked by the massacre. The original buyer of the assault rifles was a person who has been interviewed, officials said, and is not considered a suspect; it was not clear how Mr. Malik obtained them, or whether that transaction was legal. Before the Islamic State released an official statement on the San Bernardino attack, the Amaq News Agency, which intelligence officials believe is run by Islamic State supporters, released a statement claiming that the killings had been carried out by “supporters of the Islamic State,” according to a translation provided by the SITE Intelligence Group. Schmidt reported from Washington, and Richard Pérez-Peña from New York.

Pakistani officials consider the area a center of support for extremist jihadist groups, including Lashkar-e-Taiba. had investigated, but not charged, on suspicion of links to terrorism. As a routine matter, to obtain the green card the couple had to prove that their marriage was legitimate, and Ms. One of the lawyers, David Chesley, also questioned whether the Facebook post was actually by Ms. Reporting was contributed by Julie Turkewitz, Ian Lovett and Rick Rojas from San Bernardino, Calif.; Eric Schmitt and Mark Mazzetti from Washington; Rukmini Callimachi, Julia Preston, Mike Mc Intire, John Corrales and Alan Schwarz from New York; Waqar Gillani from Lahore, Pakistan; Salman Masood from Islamabad, Pakistan; and C.

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