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If you leave your items on the on-site inventory but remain inactive for extended periods of time, we may deem these accounts as abandoned and collect the items to ensure fair use of item capacity.In order to get skins out of your inventory you must withdraw them from your inventory.When you deposit your items, you have no guarantee for it to be put in the current round. We do not accept Souvenir items because their prices are not constant. skinsup takes up to 7.5% of the total value of each round, although realistically, we only take 3% on average. We only guarantee they will be the same skins with the same qualities, so they have the same value on our website.We will not give anything back if you were not put on the round you wanted. After the round you won closed, your winnings will be transferred to your inventory instantly.If you cancel the trade offer; your items will be automatically refunded into your account after 10 minutes.If you do not respond to the offer after 10 minutes; your offer will be refunded into your in-site inventory.What is the difference between someone who is confident and someone who is arrogant? The supersized season is set to debut on Thursday, March 22 with a 90-minute episode.

Playing on skinsup implies that you fully accept our prices and understand there will be no refund in case of a price issue. Once your game is confirmed on the site and the offer is accepted, it can't be cancelled. We do not guarantee that the items received by the winners will be exactly the ones from the pool.If steam is delayed (According to it can take up to 24 hours for offer to arrive.If you counter an offer; your offer will be marked as complete and you will not receive your items.If you do not accept the offer; no skins will be added to your account; nor will any skins be taken from your account.If you cancel the offer; no skins will be added to your account; nor will any skins be taken from your account.

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