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Which is an obvious waste of time and leads to way too many rejections.ow that you know why I believe you should avoid asking this question and why you shouldn’t worry or be concerned about the answer, let’s go back to the original question and the ONLY answer I’ve found which works every time…

You chose to step back which either ruins the attraction (if it was there) or casually reject her by NOT doing something a man with confidence would do… What if we were to take those 3 reasons and turn into something more positive, would you still fill a need to ask if ANY woman is attracted to you? Yes, sometimes, especially if you do a total ass move on her, she’s going to turn you down BUT even IF she’s not into you all that much, she’s more likely to say yes to the one guy who at least tried over moving forward with a guy who won’t do ANYTHING but wait for her to lead.

For us guys I’d say lots of women just know when a guys attracted to her.

If she’s hot she (normally) assumes every guy is hitting on her anyways. If she’s somewhat attractive she might down-play it but she knows …. So let’s face it – we tend to be a little too obvious when we’re around a woman we’re attracted to by how we act.

It’s a weak statement which is hoping she’ll approve of him in the attractive sense.

Again, while the second statement (guy) is busy trying to figure out IF she attracted to him he’s missing every opportunity to actually create it.

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