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""Hi everyone, Misa will do her best to win the affections of Raito. ""Okay," the announcer interrupts and steps between them, "moving on."Our next contestant is a virtual man of mystery.He hails all the way from England, where he apparently won the British tennis junior championship.This is the first time we've met in person, so you'd better come up with a good answer."The boy stares at him indifferently and then asks, "What was the question again?I did not hear it above the fanatical ravings of that guy over there.""Ryuuk? The death god looks around, aware of the spotlight and humans staring at him from all sides.It's been a tough process selecting candidates that meet his standards, but after extensively polling his friends and family we've been able to come up with a list that we think he'll be pretty satisfied with."So without further ado, let's introduce our first contestant:"The camera shifts to the other side of the stage that is shrouded in complete darkness and a spotlight is shone down on one of the chairs."She's a talented model/singer from the Kansai region with a love for Gothic Lolita wear and writing in her diary – ."Everyone laughs."The songstress with the gaze that men don't want to say no to. A beauty that also graduated at the top of her class at To-Oh and captain of the debate team – what man wouldn't want to be her study-buddy – it's the elegant, the refined, Miss Takada.""Good evening everyone.I think you all know who I'm talking about: the adorable, the spunky, Misa Amane! On today's show we'll be discussing the economic growth of Japan as a nation since Kira's takeover, followed by a short segment that is new to our programming schedule, but which I have high hopes for and titled: 'How I take your man away from you, Misa Amane.'""Die, bitch, die!You're supposed to be dead--and you're not even a girl!

""Raito-kun, you are skipping over me," L interrupted."No, I'm not, because you're not a part of this show."A producer runs over to Raito and whispers something in his ear that makes the brunette frown and shoo him away. ""I would have arrested you on the spot."EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! Raito blinks, then: " At least one of you is on the right track. If you keep this up, I'll definitely go home with you."The crowd whoops it up and makes all order of silly hooting noises that would be at home for sitcom kissing scenes."Near, what about you?'""Thank you.""Being polite to the announcer is always a good thing as Mikami-san demonstrated, so our next guest should keep that in mind as he's currently ignoring our continual requests to sit in a chair and not scatter his toys where I have to walk.""Not my problem," the white-haired boy says and waves the SPK members over so they can surround him and make a nice menacing circle of bodyguards."Yes…" nervous laughter, "well they sure are cute at that age." The man looks down at his cue-cards and shuffles them clumsily."Let's see, ah our next contestant comes all the way from the US of A and leads an anti-Kira taskforce, which he has been nice enough to bring with him today." Rester points his gun at the announcer in a motion to hurry up, "and – and -- it seems he's also the successor to L."The detective waves. he hails all the way from the Shinigami realm where he spends his days lounging about and writing down the names of unlucky humans in his deathnote.He's also quite proficient in the fighting style, Capoeira -- and when he's not spying on you in the shower," the man chuckles, the audience laughing along good-naturedly, "he does some detective work on the side.A man that goes by many aliases, but since we have to keep things curt, we'll just be calling him by the shortest thing on the list.

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" Raito shrieks, but the announcer and his cheesy background music cut him off."This next one comes from Kyoto prefecture.

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