Dhcp is not dynamically updating dns

My own are Wi Fi cameras, so once on they automatically contact whatever DHCP server serves the LAN (in this case the DHCP server built into the router itself), pick up a dynamic IP address, and happily start operating with their default values; INSTALL Camera02 on the LAN using the same technique; you now have 2 cameras operating on the LAN, but with dynamic IP addresses you can only get by browsing to the router’s own Admin Panel ( and logging-in) , and then navigating through that Admin Panel to see what’s called the “Current DHCP Client Table”; 1.

Use whatever Camera Admin Software to first list and then select and configure a single camera on the LAN; or 2.

CONFIGURE Home-base LAN with ip addresses 192.168.0through (sound familiar?

); HAVE Router operating with ISP-provided external (WAN) IP 1.175 and internal (LAN) IP; CONFGURE Router set up with only PART of its range of IP addresses DHCP-generated, meaning the remaining IP addresses can be “statically” set.

NEXT you need to get & configure a DDNS service provider account to provide a friendly URL for accessing the 2 cameras, and in particular one whose IP address resolution is automatically updated should the external (WAN) IP address of your router ever be changed by your ISP… Dyn CREATE a new account – I chose Dyn DNS Pro for /yr; it gave me something like 30 “hostnames” I could manage.

DETERMINE the external (WAN) IP address of your router. CREATE a new hostname for your ROUTER, using one of the domains they provide.

DDNS service providers typically charge /yr for their service, but they allow you to set up around 30 hostname records which can all be different hostnames (e.g. That is, from a single DDNS service provider account you could configure up to 30 routers for 30 home networks for 30 brothers & sisters.

They accept automated requests to update the A-records they “own” from little software agents called “DDNS clients” buried in nearly every device in your LAN – including your router and your IP cameras; 10.That is, say DHCP will only cover through; this leaves all the other IP addresses from through to be statically assigned to your cameras, your network printers and yes – even your routers themselves.The dynamic IPs can then be assigned to things like laptops & smartphones which don’t actually care about which IP address they get, so long as they get an IP address; INSTALL Camera Admin Software – IF you have any – onto a computer on your LAN; this will be used to find & configure each camera using the camera’s MAC – permanent hardware-based – address, thereby allowing you to easily set a static IP address for it; INSTALL Camera01.There will be NO additional proxying or DNS resolution of the internal IP addresses of these cameras; 3.The cameras will each be differentiated ONLY by the port# they are each operating on; 4.

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