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Bravo will be sharing his online dating strategies at the Direct Dating Summit.

Manwhore has been a prominent character in the seduction community for years, and is infamous for his crazy, wild seduction reports. James was a virgin at 27, and by 31 he’d managed sex just once in his lifetime.

Currie’s philosophies and principles have been featured in many newspapers and magazines, including teachings have helped thousands of men of all ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds all across the world get in the habit of expressing their romantic and/or sexual desires with women in a manner that is more highly self-assured, upfront and straightforwardly honest.

Founder of The ‘Worthy Playboy’ Institute, Johnny Soporno has dedicated himself to battling cultural misogyny, and rekindling the Sexual Revolution.

He specializes in holistic coaching that looks at all elements that make a man naturally attractive to women.He’s been in relationships with professional models, a beauty pageant winner, a surgeon and even a girl with an IQ of 155.And James doesn’t just get threesomes, he has taken holidays with 2 bi girls at once.Badboy is known for his ability to transform even the most novice students into direct game masters in an incredibly short period of time. We are very excited to have Badboy joining us at the Direct Dating Summit! His specialties were Firearms, Edged Weapon, and Close Quarter Combat and instructed elite military and law enforcement personal.By breaking down negative beliefs implanted by society and replacing them with more powerful, useful beliefs, students quickly discover their inner seducer. “With tactical training I taught concepts that hopefully someone would never have to use.

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