Does dating ruin friendships Ente sex chatting

Now there’s a chance, however slim, a man might feel the friendship is far more important than having a relationship.

From my observation, this is when both the man and woman have been friends for an extremely long time.

The answer will be there, even if it isn’t explicitly said.

After all, just because you make good friends with someone doesn’t mean they’re a good fit for a relationship.The comfort of having a person who’s been down with you for years is something that cannot be taken lightly.As such, risking type of friendship for a relationship might not seem like it’s worth the risk to a man at all.The bottom line is, nine times out of ten if a man tells a woman “I don’t want to ruin a friendship” when pressed about dating said woman, he’s just not that into her.That ten percent that’s left over, marks the special case where some men don’t feel comfortable risking the strength of a great friendship over something as unstable as a relationship.

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