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Both are straightforward and can be inserted without going into the Recordset dialog advanced view. It's time to bind the results of our recordsets to elements on the page.Aside from the relatively standard operations of adding dynamic text and populating a list element dynamically, we'll also link our hidden form element to the Employee ID field of the recordset.Complete a brief survey to get a complimentary 70-page whitepaper featuring the best methods and solutions for your virtual environment, as well as hypervisor-specific management advice from Tech Target experts.

Thanks Trevor 0) Then MM_referrer = MM_referrer & "? Query String() MM_auth Failed URL = MM_auth Failed URL & MM_qs Char & "accessdenied=" & Server. Redirect(MM_auth Failed URL)End If% "") Then MM_edit Connection = MM_Cherry DVD_STRING MM_edit Table = "Users" MM_edit Column = "Username" MM_record Id = "'" Request. Query String(MM_param Name) ' find the record with the unique column value equal to the parameter value MM_offset = 0 Do While (Not MM_rs. Because we're keeping track of each update, we're actually inserting a new record.Not only does this have the expected effect of moving the bullet on the In/Out Dashboard to the proper column, but it also records when the status was altered.They say use the tech note for update and delete pages but after numerous attempts, I can't get it to work.I am figuring that there is more code to edit but I can't ascertain which extra code. Thanks, Stephanie "") Then MM_edit Connection = MM_conn QAMeasures_STRING MM_edit Table = "dbo.

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