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While I enjoy a good marketing gambit, as well as saluting those who achieve perfection, or who have accomplished a meaningful milestone, discretion being the better part of valor requires that we become more covetous of our personal identifying information and better protect ourselves from those who would exploit us.If not, the credit perfection we crave may be short-lived.That doesn’t mean that each of us shouldn’t strive for excellent credit, and work hard to achieve it.But striving for a perfect credit score seems to us more like an obsession – one that provides no real benefit — rather than a reasonable goal.Several years ago, I watched in amazement when the CEO of a major identity theft protection firm, appeared in a series of commercials waving his Social Security card in the air, parading his Social Security number on a billboard through heavily populated urban areas and screaming his SSN through a bullhorn as a challenge to those who believed that he couldn’t protect it.As a result, he couldn’t protect it and became a 13-time victim of the crime.Instead she and the other “experts” go out of their way to minimize success because they’re afraid others will continue to raise the bar and beat them at their own game.” First, I’d wager that the author of that comment isn’t familiar with the breadth of Di Gangi’s work educating consumers on the subject of credit, nor did he carefully read her column.The real point here is not to dampen anyone’s desire to strive for perfection in everything they do, but rather to illustrate that striving for a perfect credit score is not a good use of time.

It’s very likely she never will because she doesn’t want to work hard and dedicate herself.

If you’re worried that you’ve made one of these or other mistakes and put your identity at risk, you’re not alone, and you’re not without recourse.

Take advantage of the free credit reports to which you are entitled at Annual Credit

That’s what happens when you knowingly, willingly, almost joyfully put yourself out there as a target for hackers and identity thieves.

Most recently, I noticed another person put himself out there in somewhat similar fashion.

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She’d been out of work for a year, ever since quitting her longtime clerical job at the county public health department in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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