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Do you want to find out how selfish you really are? Because you get to indulge that side of you a heck of a lot less. I think the idea that you're not supposed to look for a relationship, but let one find you, doesn't mean sitting at home picking your nose, hoping a person you like is going to magically appear on your doorstep asking for your time.The problem arises when someone's sole reason for doing social things AT ALL is to search for a relationship.I always recommend that if you want something, identify the steps you need to take to get that thing, and work on them. But look, first of all, that's what I did when I wanted a relationship, and sure, sample size of 1 and all that, but it worked for me.Cos although it's wishy washy crap, it applies to everything and (as long as what you want is reasonable) it works. I joined a walking group, which gives tonnes (that's metric tons) of opportunities for chatting one on one, or in small groups.The endgame leads to, (or maybe the penultimate game if it's a long term rather than permanent thing) time - not your own any more. Step #4 - do the things that get you to meet the type of people you want to date or have a relationship with.Want to drop everything and move to Thailand - nope. I could expand on this, but you might not believe I am able to teach a youngster how to use the internet.(optional)Step #5 - realise you didn't want a relationship anyway. Practice now will stand you in good stead in your late 20s / early 30s.Just because a woman files doesn't mean it was initiated by her. You just saved yourself from a fate worse than death. Unfortunately, most men don't realize this goes for them too so many end up hating women because they're rejected by 20-somethings who look at them coming on to them and think, Ewwwww!

Almost all of these girls, honestly, are ready for a serious relationship, just not with the guy they are with. Plenty of older women don't know what they want either.But that's the mistake a lot of people make when they're involved in those typical "looking for someone to date" activities, and I haven't met a woman who doesn't agree that it's obnoxious.The problem arises when someone's sole reason for doing social things AT ALL is to search for a relationship ... Even if you made it past the boredom and met a romantic partner, it would be someone with a strong interest in hobby X that you are, at best, ambivalent towards a reasonable expectation that it is something you would be doing together.I mean, he's really supportive of me, but its sometimes boring. You should text me or give me a call sometime." (insert image of poor 30 year old guy trying to do the electric slide and girlfriend looking on in disgust) Gentlemen- based on what I saw, and my own experience being married to a woman that I met when she was only 22, I give a resounding .But we have so much history together and I think thats what keeps us together. I understand the appeal- women in their early 20's are obviously sexually attractive, but also confused and trying to figure out what they want.

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The central theme that each woman portrayed to me (paraphrasing of course): "I met (insert name here) when I was 23 and we've been together 5 years.

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