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Halle Berry is not crazy, although maybe she should be after surviving various incidents of domestic violence (as a child and as an adult), a cheating “sex-addict” husband, and an ex keeping her in a rabid child support battle—all while trying to dodge the paparazzi and a demand that she look flawless through it all.Even more, comments on Berry’s need to “stop dating pretty men,” or any comments aimed at her taste in men at all, should stop.After divorcing Olivier Martinez, rumors have surfaced that Halle Berry is now dating a 27-year-old rapper.Chris Webby reportedly met Halle at this year’s Comic-con and allegedly has her smitten.As I think about Halle Berry and how her divorce and obvious pain are talking points for complete strangers, I remember how my ex-husband and I sat in the courtroom waiting to see the judge and talking about magnet programs for our daughter on the day our divorce was finalized, which was a second divorce for me.She was impressed by us, the judge was, that we could sit in her courtroom and speak amicably with one another.He brings out her youthful side.” The fact that Chris might fit in with Halle’s bad boy type is anything but an overstatement.As Star previously reported, back in 2009, Chris was reportedly forced to spend seven days in jail, after serving as the getaway driver for an armed drug scandal at Hofstra University, where a group of fellow students burst into a campus drug dealer’s dorm room with pellet guns, and stole Ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, cash and jewelry.

Divorce is a kind of death for almost everyone who experiences it, including both my ex-husband and I. My (not so close) friends would joke about my propensity to love ’em and leave ’em.

To make a marriage work, after all, both people have to be more committed to it than anything else in the world, which is much easier said than done.

Although we can thankfully put away the myth that 50% of marriages end in divorce, the divorce rate is still quite high.

I’m at least grateful that my pain, and constant mention of what my child’s life might be like post-divorce, wasn’t gossip for or TMZ.

Berry, of course, is not so lucky, and I’m appalled that so many women, who have experienced their own kinds of deep heartbreaks I’m sure, are so quick to light Berry up with their perceptions of what she’s doing wrong to keep ending up in divorce court.

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After the incident, Chris was kicked out of college, which, according to the rapper, might have been a blessing in disguise.

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