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4 | Trumpcast As the ancient Chinese curse said, we're living through interesting times.The least you can do is keep up with the catastrophes.

To that end, there's no better place to start than 'From Our Own Correspondent', Kate Adie and Pascale Harter's witty, insightful and incisive look at the current (and evermore ridiculous) headlines.They often come in bite-sized eight to 15-minute minicasts: ideal for lunchtime or a cig break.9 | They Walk Among Us True crime is one of podcasting's surprise breakout formats.This coolly forensic series — presented by the unsurnamed husband and wife team Benjamin and Rosie from the marital bedroom — explores infamous British crimes that are all the more chilling for their everyday settings.10 | Deserter Pubcast Dedicated to the noble art of skiving, this flâneur's delight from South East London explores all matters related to daytime socialising.

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