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I was ready to scream my lungs out by the time I finally managed to reboot the system without having to resort to a hard reset. I just schedule scan once a week and it also proected the systems from anything odd or nasty trying to get int. A bunch of emails to tech support finds no help except that they lie and say it's fixed when they haven't even looked at the problem. Free version is fine, but I wouldn't shell out cash for this one.Counter Spy is humming along beautifully on this PC right now, recommend trying that one first. If you want that sort of thing Google is available. I've tried various releases of this programme and must admit I'm not a big fan of it.

This used to hog all my resources and seemed to take over my pc, but now it is a bit lighter on the resources and a lot more managable. Within a half hour of running it for the first time, the Spyware Doctor service (i.e.

I created Fileforum account in order to kick this fuxx a** Spyware Doctor. My Chrome and Firefox freeze and need to wait very wrong to show any webpage. If I didn't know better, I would say there's a symbiotic relationship going on. Do a search for "Security Tool", "System Security malware", "Spyware Guard", or any other fake AV.

It is very slow when scanning file although it is good. My Farm Helper for Facebook even not do its job due to the lag. You will find several links describing the malware, and links to Spyware Doctor embedded! I really don't know, but it looks suspicious to me!

Spyware Doctor & AV caused my computer to slow to an absolute crawl, over 15 minutes to start up, 5 minutes to load a web page. I've tried numerous times to log in to pctools to complain, but they won't rec.

The worst piece of software c**p ever and to think I wasted and they supposedly do automatic renewals. my password, say they/ve sent me a new one, but never have.

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