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Justin Timberlake — who first appeared at the Super Bowl thanks to headliner Janet Jackson (to her career-derailing detriment) — didn't invite any big names to share the stage with him.Like Dodge and T-Mobile, he included a dead icon instead — one with whom he'd had some public spats. The resulting spectacle was jubilant within the confines of the stadium and pretty divisive outside of it.T-Mobile's ad should have been a straightforward defense of multiculturalism — it featured adorable babies of all races and described a better world that would give them all equal opportunity.But if you listened closely to the lullaby, you recognized Nirvana's "All Apologies," the Kurt Cobain song featuring lyrics like "everything is my fault / I'll take all the blame" and "choking on the ashes of her enemy." The ode to human potential pairs oddly with suicidal .and Kurt Cobain were also exhumed to serve a message they wouldn't approve of in order to court a divided public.Companies tried to use the dead to unify a public that no longer really shares any living heroes.

But most of the ads were baffled and timid and just plain .

Thanks to You Tube and the magic of video sharing, you can watch all the ads online as many times as you would like.

While many of this year's ads were released before the event, the night still included many memorable spots. That price point sounds expensive, but this is just about the only opportunity of year when viewers actually anticipate commercials.

The problem seems to be that there's no longer any straightforward "American" demographic for ad agencies to safely target.

and Tide, were entertaining meta-commentaries on the genre of the ad itself.

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How did we get to these strange corporate contortions, these confused nods to multiple perspectives that flail in search of a market?

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