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- Criteria for successful completion of both examinations will be the same as those in effect for first-time candidates at the time the examination is taken.*NOTE: If one holds another ARDMS/APCA certification, the annual fee will be the higher fee.For detailed information about eligibility requirements and how to apply, schedule and prepare, please click the tabs below.​​​​​ ​​ Part Two: Practical Examination (You may begin acquiring this practical experience before passing the computer-based examination.This experience can be completed up to 2 years before passing the written examination and/or up to 2 years after passing the examination.) The Midwife Sonography written examination which is computer-based is only offered during select times of the year.Note: If both parts of the certification process are not successfully completed within the allotted time frame, any passing scores will be rescinded and you will need to restart the application process.Note: Any incomplete Practical examination submissions will not be accepted and Candidates will be charged a processing fee () for re-submitting the required eight forms, if the initial submission was incomplete.The necessary supporting documentation for the Midwife Sonography examination must be submitted online and received within 21 days of submitting your online application.

Register and pay for the current Midwife Sonography Certificate Examinations (both the computer-based examination and the Sonography observational assessment) no sooner than the fourth (4th) year of the current five-year maintenance cycle.Any documentation received prior to the completed online application will be discarded.When applying for the Midwife Sonography examination, you will need to upload the following application documentation through MY ARDMS: 1. Completed online self-attestation form indicating that you have performed a minimum of 200 Midwife Sonography images (cases) distributed over the recommended content outline areas within the preceding 36 months of application, 3.ARDMS will not unfairly impede or inhibit access to its certification to Applicants, Candidates or Registrants who meet our stated policies regarding qualification requirements, renewal requirements and/or passing ARDMS’ psychometrically sound certification assessments.Maintenance of Certification (MOC) improves patient care by ensuring continuous lifelong learning and professional development throughout your sonography career.

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Case 1: Choose one case to complete: • First Trimester: 6 Weeks 0 Days - 9​ We​eks 6 ​Days-Transabdominal​​​ •​ First Trimester: 6 Weeks ​​0 Days-9 Weeks 6 D​ays-Tr​​ansvaginal/Endova​​ginal​​​ Case 2: Choose one case to complete: ​​​ •​ First Trimester: 10 Weeks 0 Days - 12 Weeks ​​6 Da​ys-Transabdominal •​ First Trimester: 10 Weeks 0 Da​ys- 12 Weeks ​​6 Days-Transv​aginal/Endovaginal​ SECOND/THIRD TRIMESTERCases 3-6: All four cases in this section must be completed: •​ Second/ Third Trimester: Biometry-Tra​nsabdominal •​ Second/ Third Trimester: Cervical Length-Transvaginal​/Endovaginal​ •​ Second/Third Trimester: Biophysical Profile/Amniotic Fluid-Tran​sabdominal ​Note: Any incomplete Practical Examination submissions will not be accepted and you will be charged a processing fee ($25) for re-submitting the required eight forms, if the initial submission was incomplete.

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