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Favorite Weapon: Heavy wooden mallet Favorite Marker: Old Autocockers.The more complicated the better Favorite food: Taco Bell's Harp Seal Empanada Favorite phrase: "What could possibly go wrong?

Works at the coffee shop with Cara, and is one of her oldest friends. Favorite markers: Usually rentals, plus the occasional Docs Works Mk-40 Paintball Marking Grenades. (Fennec fox, Vulpes zerda) Full name: Robin The Little Girl. Favorite phrase: "Oh good god, it's you two again." Previously unpublished Fact: Big fan of Marvel's superhero movies. Did three tours in the Gulf War because there "wasn't anything good on TV". Previously unpublished Fact: Still upset they wouldn't let him keep that M56A2 Smartgun. In college, plays paintball to relax, which doesn't always work. Favorite food: True, authentic Greek gyros, which he can almost never find here in the US. Works next to Jake in the "gruntwork" section of the bank. Favorite movie: with John Cleese Favorite phrase: "Hey, I have a question..." Favorite food: Fried bananas. His company can do everything from pour concrete to wire the coffeemakers. Previously unpublished Fact: Vulnerable to flame weapons, dislikes Velveeta, the Cheese That Cannot Die. Previously unpublished Fact: It is unknown if they are confiscating and destroying the inventions, or are using the technology for themselves. The Jackal is a manifestation that appears at certain times when Doc has been rendered unconscious.Small (don't call him short) and quick, he's a natural front man. A decent snapshot, but very good at shooting while running. Currently dating Howie, whom she convinced to remodel the bar, rather than spending the latest insurance check on a largish Caribbean Island. Favorite food: Broiled salmon with cranberry sauce.Can be kind of a loudmouth on the field, but tends to keep to himself more while off. Hasn't tried to kill Doc ) Full name: As-yet unpublished. Not a terribly big fan of Doc; she likes how much he can eat and drink at the bar, but hates the chaos that inevitably follows him. Favorite food: Chicken, either fried, barbecued or as hot wings. Favorite marker: An ancient Sheridan KP rifle, bought new in 1985. Favorite phrase: "It's customary to leave the playing field when marked.Favorite phrase: "These ears aren't just for show, y'know." Previously unpublished Fact: Majoring in electrical engineering. They have no proper AI, but do carry some fairly sophisticated programming, and can network with each other for target tracking and other relatively simple problem-solving.The firefighter who treated Princess Diana as she lay fatally injured in a Paris tunnel has said he was certain she would survive the crash.

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