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If you want to follow what is going on fully, you'd best read the first start of the story.

Author's Note: Before you read this story you should understand that it is a work of fiction and total fantasy.One of them introduced me in a small way to the world of BDSM; which meant sexy games involving furry handcuffs, roleplay and spanking her because she'd been a 'naughty girl'.Mild stuff, really, but I see it as a milestone in my journey into control that started with computers and ended with me where I am today. I suspect it was mostly a ploy, something she thought exotic that would keep my interest, keep me on the hook as it were.I'd always been pretty shy around others and computers were somehow comforting; they didn't ask questions, or talk back, they just did as you told them, as long as you told them the right things.As a result, I became a 'smelly bedroom hermit' through my teen years, staying in my room for days on end, emerging only to eat and grunt something at my poor, worried parents.

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Its main themes are of non-consensuality and human degradation of an uncompromising sort.

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