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The bar and a back wall of brick formed a naturally cozy little alcove large enough to accommodate three bar stools.

"That was our last best lead, we're screwed." She slumped in her chair. Darlene's posture suddenly changed as she sat upright in her chair; the corner of her mouth turned upwards, and a smile lit up her eyes. " She slapped the palm of her hand on the table and let out a laugh. Darlene's exotic view of life trended toward the spiritual rather than the religious. " If they had been living off the grid for fifteen years, this group had something going for it "You know, friends who help friends. The more I thought about it, the better it sounded.I fulfilled the role of December at the tender age of sixty-mumble.Through the process of elimination, we had become drinking buddies at our local tavern. More often than not, we happened to be the last people still standing when the barkeep bellowed out, "Last call for alcohol! The tavern, built in the 1890s, featured a walnut and mahogany bar with an odd little ' L' shaped hook at the far corner of the saloon.Darlene and I believed that two could live as cheaply as one. We met at a local tavern where we developed an unlikely May-December relationship.She played the part of May at the youthful age of thirty-five.

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