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Consequently, if the age of a stream is defined as the time since the disruption of the GC resulting in the stream, the timescale defined by Equation (5) should be correlated with the age of the stream itself.

To investigate whether this is indeed the case, we followed the evolution of the tracer stars backward in time in each simulation to find out when their dynamics are no longer dominated by the GC.

In each panel, the projection is centered on the cluster, displaying a region 50 kpc in size (left column), and a zoomed-in region 10 kpc in size (right column).'s detection capability.In the remainder of this Letter, we will be concerned only with the set of observed stars in each simulation.Next, we demonstrate that a characteristic timescale that can be defined using the proper motions of tracer stars in a stream matches remarkably well the period that these stars have spent outside the tidal influence of the GC from which they originated.For example, both GC-2 and GC-4 are initialized 35 kpc from the center of the Milky Way, but owing to its lower initial orbital velocity (see Table 1), GC-4's motion is more tightly bound by the disk potential, ending up at a galactocentric distance of ~12 kpc at 's observable window compared to GC-2.Similarly, GC-5, which started off 60 kpc from the center of the Milky Way, displays the smallest number of observed stars.

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GC ages are typically acquired from studies of color–magnitude diagrams in conjunction with stellar evolution models (Forbes & Bridges 2010; Correnti et al. In this Letter we explore a novel technique to date the stream associated with a tidally disrupted GC. Our method relies on measurements of positions and motions of stars in the plane of the sky, which will become available soon with the is expected to provide precise astrometric measurements for over a billion stars in the Milky Way, with proper motions and parallaxes determined to 1 percent or better up to ~15 kpc (Pancino et al. The remainder of this Letter is organized as follows: in Section 2, we discuss the numerical techniques used and the parameter space that we explore.

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