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As stated in the BSA Project Workbook, the real purpose of the Eagle Project is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate leadership of others.This is not to say that service to the community is not important, just that leadership is equally important.In this Article i will show you how to "Manually" update the Address List in Office 365 First thing you should do is to connect Exchange Online via Power Shell $O365Cred = Get-Credential Now type your global administrator login details, then Create a Ps Session to Office 365 as follow.$Session = New-PSSession -Configuration Name Microsoft. Exchange -Connection Uri -Credential $O365cred -Authentication Basic -Allow Redirection After the session has been created we will import the newly created session .Your advisor should only give you guidance and suggestions, but he should not give direct instructions to your work crew, unless you have directly assigned him to supervise a small team for a specific task.: You and your advisor should talk this over and agree on a signal which you will politely give him if you see him taking too much control of your workers (which is a very natural thing for adults to do).

Now we can see our newly created "Admin Role" Our next step will be to go back to our Powershell session we have created and run the following commands.After you have talked over possible project ideas with your troop leaders and chosen the right one for you, it is now time to begin the detail planning and initial proposal write-up, which will be submitted to the district or council for approval.Get a current copy of the Life to Eagle Packet, which includes the BSA Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook (BSA 512-927), from the council office or from one of the troop leaders to use in preparing your plan.Updating the global address list requires having the Address List Management role. Attention Life Scouts - If you are beginning the planning for your Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project, this guide is for you.

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