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Social, educational and political organization for gay men interested in SM.Public meetings second Wednesday, except July and August, at the Center.Seminars, workshops, special interest groups from novice to advanced. MAs T: Masters And slaves Together -- Socializing, discussion and education group for men involved in or interested in gay Master/slave relationships.Lesbian Sex Mafia -- write to LSM, PMB 404, 70A Greenwich Avenue, New York NY 10011, e-mail [email protected] Meets 3pm - 6pm fourth Sunday of every month at the Center.

Keep an eye on their web site for weekly events, specials and club nights. Lesbian & Gay Community Services Center -- finally back at 208 West 13th Street, 212-620-7310.The Center is the meeting place for many groups -- your support helps keep this vital institution thriving.Excellent WWW site with lots of gay and other NYC resources. If you plan to travel far for a specific group or event listed here it would be a good idea to call ahead to confirm that it is taking place.All addresses are in Manhattan, unless otherwise noted.

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